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I have been struggling the last few days; not feeling depressed but just short, inpatient, out of it, not sleeping and just feeling off. I didn’t realize I needed a good cry until now, 10pm Friday night. (tears) I miss my baby boy and I think it is really taking a toll on me emotionally and now physically… I have been running on empty for a few weeks and not addressing my need to just cry and let it all out. So here it goes!

I know that I am so fortunate to have Leonidas but I miss Jaimison sooo much. It hurts so much. It’s hard going places, I feel the void everywhere we go. I feel my arms are empty.. (tears)

We went to a theme park last week and I just couldn’t shake the empty arms feeling. That I should be wearing him, missing out on roller coasters, and stopping on a bench to feed him. :(

I really wish that a trip to the grocery store was a different kind of challenge, trying to juggle two boys, entertain a toddler and feed an infant all while filling the cart with health groceries. Instead I find myself avoiding the store until we’re down to nothing and purchasing comfort food which includes things that aren’t on my list.

And when I go to Target I should be buying too many baby outfits that he would grow out of in a few weeks and buying the boys corresponding outfits for holidays and pictures and just because they are cute. But instead I find myself buying Leonidas too many toys, things for the house that aren’t necessary and sometimes clothes for myself. Which turns into me feeling bad about me. Not only do my clothes at home not fit me but neither do the ones I want to buy at the store. I keeping trying to remind myself “you just has a baby!” And the fact that I’m sad doesn’t help the weight issue.

I am going to the gym but it’s so hard.. Hard to get up and go and push myself. I’m already working so hard everyday to get up an go, and to push myself to diet and work out is tough. I have barely enough energy as it is. I am so drained. But I need to get in shape so I can feel good about myself.

It’s been hard to get a good nights sleep lately and that should be because of the every 2 hour feedings not because I’ve had a bad day emotionally… I don’t remember having a hard time sleeping, it’s always so easy for me. Now I just lay in bed till 12, 1, 2 in the morning not able to sleep :/ This is really getting harder as the months go on… (tears)

Today Mike bought me a little point and shoot for our anniversary and I can’t help but cry thinking of all the pictures and moments I’m missing out on. (tears) I should have 100’s of photos of him already, but instead I have a handful that not everyone is comfortable seeing. Ones I can’t post on my timeline or hang on my living room wall. I wish I was holding him right now instead of sobbing over this post. (tears)

Sometimes I have to push myself to do the simple things. Like take a picture of Leo being silly everyday or just doing nothing else but holding him and giving him 100’s of extra kisses for absolutely no reasons. I make sure we do something fun everyday and that my mood doesn’t interfere with how I react to him and his actions.

Leo spent the afternoon with his Grammy the other day because I knew I had no patience the moment I woke up. So instead of us battling all day he went to play with her and I came home and did some much needed organizing. Nothing like organizing to change your mood. It really bothered me that this was something that needed to be done, that I knew I would be short and a grumpopotamus. (tears)

It kills me to see Mommies not holding there babies everywhere and always, not preventing there cries but ignoring them, taking all of those moments for granted and not appreciating it. Not realizing that life is an amazing gift an nothing to waste or be taken for granted. (tears)

We are going out for our anniversary tomorrow night and I can’t help but think that we would be spending this time differently, a quiet night at home with our family holding and cuddling Leonidas and our new baby… (tears)

This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through and I really hope there isn’t something more challenging in my future. (tears)

I love & miss you Jaimison!



Leonidas’ Valentines Day Potluck Party!


Monday February 13th 2012 Leonidas was invited to a Valentines Day Potluck Party at a local park. We made homemade Valentines Day cards, and I took on the task of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and Oatmeal cookies.

Leonidas and I had lots of fun with the Valentines day cards. I cut out all the shapes on my Cricut, and I helped Leonidas glue them all together. They turned out so cute.




We made the sandwiches on honey wheat Natures Own bread, JIF all natural peanut butter and Welches natural grape jelly (all HFCS free :)) and used a mini heart shaped cookie cutter and I helped Leo cut them out. There was no waist we gave the scraps to the dogs, they love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches :)




I made my regular recipe of Oatmeal cookies and turned some of the raw dough on to parchment paper and cut the cookies out with the mini heart shaped cookie cutter. It was super simple and didn’t take that much longer than scoping balls out for regular shaped cookies :)