Monthly Archives: April 2012

Figured out a theme..


I am so excited about Leonidas’ 4th Birthday! After saying I picked a theme about 3 times I finally did pick a theme! :) We are doing an Up Party inspired by the Disney movie. I have been goggling and pinning away for the last few day and I think I have some really good ideas floating around in my head.. hahaha, get it? “Floating” Okay sorry its 3am and I would probably think anything is funny at this point.


His birthday is in September but parties are a lot of work and the cost is always so inflated. hehe.. inflated, okay I’ll stop.
I like to get a head start, DIY as much as possible and search for sales. I also have a small problem with not asking for help, not letting anyone do anything and making all the decorations, food and cake myself. Not to mention setting everything out myself too. Well this year I will make an effort to take and ask for as much help as I need. Can’t wait to see if I stick to my word..

Keep an eye out for DIY birthday party posts.. soon to come :)