Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sharing some deals!


While checking my Facebook this evening I came across two good deals on True Couponing’s page and I thought I would share :)

The first one is a $3 Credit to your Amazon account towards an Mp3 download of $5.99 or greater. All you do is share the link on your page. I am excited about this. We love music and download albums and singles from Amazon all the time.

The second one is a Free appetizer from Long Horn for joining their Western Hospitality Club. Just follow the link fill in your information and receive your free appetizer by email. Free food is always a plus to me :) I am looking forward to their Wild West Shrimp, crispy shrimp tossed with sliced cherry peppers. So yummy!

Go follow the links and redeem your credit and appetizer as well!




So recently I have found a new treasure thrifting. I haven’t always been so excited about thrifting. (Mom if your reading this I’m sorry for giving you such a hard time growing up about second hand stuff.) I was terrible, I was embarrassed and didn’t even want to go to a thrift store or even garage sales. I was so ridiculous! But I grew up. And the economy is terrible and I hate paying the full amount for anything so second hand is great. Anyways I was on the Book of Face and a Mama friend shared a link/picture about the Memorial Day sale at Salvation Army, 50% off everything! How could I pass this up? I had to go out even though I only had $40 in my wallet for next two weeks. Well I couldn’t! So while Hubby and Little man had their friends over to play my MIL and I went out on our quest. I was actually in search of end tables for our living room. I want to purchase a set of end tables, a two sofa tables and repurpose them. Well we got to our first S.A and we found tables but I wasn’t in love, they had too much detail. But they were only $39.99 for the pair and with 50% off they were only $20 for the two. Such a great deal but after staring an inspecting them for a while we decide no. So on we went to the next S.A about 6 miles away. I looked at the large furniture selection and found nothing. So on I went to the rest of the store and found nothing. And then it caught my eye, this old appliance sitting on the shelf so lonely.. Could it be? Did I really just stumble upon the thing I have been wanting for years? It really was, I found a juicer :)


It has all the pieces? How did I find this? Will it work? Should I get it? Can I clean it? I carried it around the store for about 5 minutes while asking myself all these questions. The tag read $15. Then I started thinking how could I not buy it, this is what I have wanted for so long. So over to the outlet for the moment of truth I went. Please work, please work, please work! And it did!! Off I went to the counter with my large dorky smile on my face, and I paid the cashier $7.49 for my Juicer. I was so excited. It has been a week and I still haven’t cleaned it up and used it but I plan on testing it out this week. If anyone has any tasty recipes let share them please :)