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A Diamond in the rough..


My new Patio Table!


Here is my new garage sale/craigslist find. One night while suffering from insomnia I was searching Craigslist for the many things we are in search of and came across an Estate sale post with a picture of this beauty!


It was not so hot when I found it but I had a vision and knew it was going to be amazing. I just had to get to the garage sale early enough to snag it and hope that hubby liked it enough to refurb it. The next morning when my “Get your ass out of bed for a garage sale” alarm went off I got Leo and I ready to head out for the day. We got to the garage sale and there it was sitting in the middle of the front yard, all rusty, brown and beautiful. The sticker price was not so pretty though. The lady wanted more than I thought it was worth. This is Teak and was most likely an expensive table new, but we had to put time and more money into it to make it worth it. I looked it over to make sure it was structurally sound. The table was in good condition so I offered her half her asking price and after negotiating I got her down but not as low as I would have liked. I got some help and loaded it into my minivan.
I got the table home and started working in it. I attached a wire brush bit to the drill and started sanding the wood down to the nice natural wood color it should have been instead of that grayish wood color. Also the legs on the table and chairs were rusted and had to be stripped down. I tried as much as I could to sand them down but I just couldn’t sand enough off. My hubby had to get his angle grinder out and get to work in it. He was able to sand the legs of the table and chairs down to the metal and get a nice smooth surface.
I am absolutely horrible at spray painting so he also took on that task and primed the entire table, wood and metal, and then painted it all white. After the table and chairs dried we rolled a gorgeous teal color onto the top surface of the tables and chairs. The table came out exactly how I visioned it and I couldn’t be happier. I love it. I can’t wait to make some cushions and finish the rest of the patio :)