Monthly Archives: September 2012

F&F are all you need!


Earlier today I became emotional thinking about all of the amazing people I have in my life. I have had the worst year of my life this far and am thankful for my family and friends. Leonidas was well taken care of by his Greatgrandma and our close friends who dropped everything in the middle of the night to be with him. I knew that he was safe and being loved on. My mom and Bfffl never left my side. I had amazing support from my Doula and Midwife in the hospital despite the countless hours and the Holiday. And ALL of our friends got together and took my little man trick-or-treating, he was distracted by all his little friends and didn’t even realize mommy and daddy were missing. We didn’t go home for weeks and we were well taken care of by my parents. We had homemade food for weeks and amazing donations from so many people. So many people have touched my heart and I will never forget any of it. You guys are amazing and I will never forget you and your love & care!!! I love you all! <3 I promise to pay all of this forward. My heart will never heal but I will be released from this fog, and I hope to be able to touch lives of others in the way you all have touched ours. Thank you for sticking by me in this time of need even though I may not always seem like I'm all here. I love you all!