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My adventure with a Hand Soap recipe : )


So while searching on Pinterest I found this cool tutorial for making hand soap. In the tutorial it also says you can use it as body wash and shampoo. I was intrigued. So I made an ingredient list and went out to get the supplies I didn’t already have on hand, which only ended up being the glycerine. I had some Dr. Bronner’s lavender bar soap on hand so I used it instead of the Mrs.Meyers Soap. I added two other ingredients to my batch of hand soap. I was planning on using it as a body wash and shampoo as well so I added things I felt it needed for that. I added some coconut oil for moisturizing and tea tree oil for my hair. I really like this recipe as a hand soap, especially since my three year old son has become fascinated with washing his hands. We were going through a lot of soap.
I did not like this recipe for body wash or shampoo in spite of the fact that it cleaned my body and hair. I think it was the lack of long lather on the loofah and no lather in my hair. It lathers very well in our hands and leaves them soft and smelling very nice. I will definitely be using this recipe again. Try it out and let me know what you thought :)


One Gallon of Water

One – Eight ounce bar of Soap grated (I used Dr. Bronner’s, the original recipe called for Mrs. Meyers)

Two Tablespoons of Liquid Vegetable Glycerine

Two Tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Ten to Twenty drops of Tea Tree oil (or any essential oil, Use your judgement on how much you want)




Step One: Add one gallon of water in large pot and out on medium to high heat.

Step Two: Cut the bar of soap and pulse it in a food processor (or grate with cheese grater if you do not have a food processor)

20120111-154135.jpgStep Three: Add grated soap to the one gallon of water on the stove top and stir until dissolved.

20120111-154147.jpgStep Four: When Soap is dissolved turn heat down and add the glycerine, coconut oil and tea tree oil. Mix well and remove from heat.

Step Five: Set soap off to the side and let sit for 12-15 hours. It will become cloudy and clumpy.

Step Six: Mix with wisk or hand mixer and you have liquid hand soap. :)

20120111-154156.jpgThis soap is a little snotty in consistency, I think it has to do with the Dr. Bronner’s Soap instead of Mrs. Meyers. I am going to try this recipe again with Mrs. Meyers or hopefully some Homemade Lye Soap and see what the outcome is. The soap works so well and is very cost effective. :)

20120111-155035.jpgStep Seven: Pour soap into old store bought soap disperser or a reusable soap dispenser. And go wash your hands :)