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Homemade Christmas gifts 2011


For Christmas this year We were tight on funds and I decided I would put some of my talent to work for gifts. I made gifts for my Grandmothers, my Mother, my Father and my Mother-in-Law. My Creativeness was curved by the new pin board web site, Pinterest. That website is amazing, but well leave that for another day.

For my Mother-in-Law I searched Craigslist for weeks to find a decent wicker set. I finally found one at an incredibly reasonable price that didn’t need too much work. This set of chairs and the table needed some repair on the legs and a fresh coat of paint. I had no idea that I couldn’t purchase reed (wicker) locally, so I had to find a company that would be able to ship it to me quickly and at a good price. Once the Reed arrived in the mail I watched a DIY video tutorial on how to repair wicker furniture and got to work. In just a couple of hours I fixed and painted (well the Hubs helped paint) the chairs and table. Here is the finished project :)


For my father I made a padded hammock cover. I purchased Hobbs Heirloom cotton batting from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and got the fabric on sale at Ikea. I never follow a pattern and have never quilted before so this was also a first time project for me. I measured the hammock and cut the batting. I then cut the top and bottom pieces of the fabric to be one inch larger on every side. I folded the batting in to the bottom layer and then folded the top and pinned it all together. I took the extra fabric and made ties for the cover. I pinned them in and sewed the whole thing together. I then quilted three lines horizontally in the cover. This hammock cover was a lot of work. This one took me a couple of days to do and finish, but so worth it. Here it is.


For my mother, I made her a cushion for the bench in front of her house. I think this was the hardest project for me. Like I said I do not follow patterns well while sewing. (I really need to work on So after doing all of the work I was hoping it would fit on her bench. I was really worried about this one. I already had the fabric that I used on this cushion, I wanted to use it on my dad’s hammock cover but there wasn’t enough. But I was so happy I got to use it on this one. I purchased a big piece of Smart Foam cushion fabric from Hobby Lobby and again used the 40% off coupon. They sell this foam by the yard. This cushion came out looking really good and I was very happy with it. Now I just have to help her repaint it, I wish I could have done that without her knowing but I think she would have noticed it missing.. lol Her is a picture of the cushion!


I am so happy with how all of my projects / gifts turned out. I would like to make my gifts from now on. Maybe that can be one of my New Year Resolutions ;)

Happy Crafting!!


Ugly Christmas Sweater pictures :)


We have been talking for a couple of years now about taking our Holiday pictures for our cards in ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters’. This year we finally took the plunge. In the beginning of the month we took a trip to our local Salvation Army store and found the mother load of sweaters all on one rack. My husband, my son and I were going to get the sweaters and take an awkward photo and put it in our holiday card. But when I saw the rack full of sweaters I bought one for not only us but my mother in law, and my mother & father. A photographer friend of ours offered to do our pictures and we ended with an Epic Family shot :) I ordered our Holiday cards from Shutterfly and mailed them to all of our family and friends! Here is our Holiday Card!